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Wicket - jQuery UI

jQuery UI integration in Wicket 6.x, Wicket 7.x , Wicket 8.x & Wicket 9.x

Emoticons Plugin

This is a text with an emoticon :)

This is another text with another emoticon ^_^


This Behavior implements the css-emoticons plugin:




package com.googlecode.wicket.jquery.ui.samples.jqueryui.plugins;

import com.googlecode.wicket.jquery.ui.plugins.emoticons.EmoticonsBehavior;
import com.googlecode.wicket.jquery.ui.samples.JQuerySamplePage;

public class EmoticonsPage extends JQuerySamplePage
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

	public EmoticonsPage()
		this.add(new EmoticonsBehavior("#comments"));
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns:wicket="">
	<title>Wicket jQuery UI: plugin / emoticons</title>
	<div id="demo-panel">
		<div id="comments">
			<h1>This is a text with an emoticon :)</h1>
			<h3 style="font-weight: normal;">This is another text with another emoticon ^_^</h3>